How is NextGen Independent Advi$ors different?

Your interest comes first. The advice that i give is independent, impartial. This means i will not be influenced by any vested interests of any fund manager, life insurance company, stock-broking firm, bank or other financial institutions, your interest is the priority, You First.

5030922482_Environmentalism_xlarge Environmentalist.
As an environmentally conscious, tech-savvy advisor – on top of the list is to save trees, protect earth. I believe in Emails, PDFs, Whatsapps & easy to follow software, and virtual meetings to make the planning process enjoyable and convenient.

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 8.36.35 pmAccessible & Interactive.
As someone who understand the need and lifestyles of our generation, I will make sure you have a resourceful planner. With a blog, newsletter, webinars, and a Newlywed boot camp in development – you’ll never be short on financial tips and resources.

ringgit-malaysia-generic-5.0Fee- Based.
It means we put your best interest on top of the list.
Therefore you need not worry about getting biased recommendations as whatever I recommend, it is not affected by how much commissions receivable but very much based on suitability and adopt-ability to your personal unique situation.

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 8.22.41 pmProfessional. Ethical and Practical.
When you come to me looking for financial guidance, i am going to give you the facts. I will tell you where are the red flags and what kind of adjustments need to be made. I will not hesitate to go extra mile to come out with effective solutions that have your unique situations and desires as building blocks.

I have experienced first hand some of the issues you may be facing. As a fresh-grad starting anew, coping with debts, newlywed, balancing lifestyles with aspirations, and an entrepreneur – I have personally experienced the bumps in the journey, i can relate to your circumstances.

You will not find me standing in front or behind you pushing or pulling you in one direction or another. Where you will find me is next to you trying  to guide you through the issues and questions at hand.

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I got some reasonable advice from this site when I for suggestion because i have found myself unable to save money. Kevin had a talk with me and discover the reason that stopping me from having savings, and his idea to help me has worked tremendously well, i feel more at peace and comfortable with my financial situation now.

Dr. Sandy

Medical Officer